Yoga for Fitness, Health and Wellbeing.

Does worry and anxiety keep you up at night?

Do you wish to improve you wellbeing, not only physically but mentally?

Does depression fog your thoughts and cloud your joy?


Why practice with Josephine?

Josephine teaches from a place of compassion, care and attention. 

Step into class and notice the little things start falling into place; healthier relationships, better sleep,

reduced back pain, increased strength and flexibility.  

Yoga is a valuable tool we have gained from the wisdom of the East, it is a brilliant way to access better health, wellbeing and encourages a more mindful way of life.

To practice with Josephine is to take a step out of the bustle of everyday life, and find your place on the mat, free from judgement and pressure.  In a safe, protected space, she will guide you through the practice with added attention to the breath, alignment and the inner voice.

Yoga is very much a journey and Josephine can guarantee her classes can help guide you along the way.


Come to class with Josephine Warren Yoga at Echo Yoga Studio.






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I had suffered with anxiety and depression and I wanted to do yoga to help me stay on top of my emotional wellbeing.
It took me a long time to find the right yoga teacher.
I have been practising with Josephine for a year now and I love the way she teaches - she creates a safe, relaxing environment that helps me be in my body and not in my head.
My wellbeing has improved, I feel more grounded and stable.
I have also noticed my practice has improved and I am getting physically stronger.
I would recommend Josephine's classes to everyone!

MJ. Jones, Hove

Absolutely brilliant yoga teacher, calm, clear and compassionate. Her Yin yoga class is wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without it! Thanks Josephine! 

- Marie Marzaoli, Brighton

I have been going to Josephine’s classes for about 6 months now. I have found myself feeling stronger and able to hold positions for a little longer each time.

Josephine has a very good way of explaining what she means and how to get into positions without being patronising.

Her way of teaching is very relaxed and she doesn’t mind going through things with you if you don’t quite get the hang of something! I would definitely recommend trying her classes.

-Nikki Kentish, Hove

This woman is incredible, the only bad thing is that all the classes are in Brighton. I wish I lived there and could go regularly.

-Charlie Leslie Cameron, West London

I love Josephine's energy and her teaching style. From the moment you walk through the door you feel yourself relax in the calming atmosphere of Josephine's classroom.

Her Yin Yoga classes are extremely soothing particualarly after a long day in the office. I always sleep like a baby after a class. Josephine is one of the best Yin Yoga teachers I've had the pleasure to practice with. I can't recomment her highly enough!

- Kerstin Doerfler, Hove


What is Yin?

Suitable for beginners.

Yin is a wonderful way to calm the mind. A floor based practice. Postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes, longer than in other traditional forms of yoga, using the aid of blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps.

Why should I do it?

Yin helps to un-do the aches and pains of everyday life, especially back pain! Sitting for long periods of time, driving and certain sports can put a huge strain on the body. Not only will you leave with your hips and back feeling more open and free, but you will also gain the benefits of a more forging and mindful state of awareness. 


What is Yin Yang?

Suitable for beginners 

A combination of warming the body slowly, through a flowing practice inspired by Hatha and Vinyasa, followed by deep stretches, taken from a Yin Yoga. The 'perfect balance' class.

Why should I do it?

In the first part of this class we focus on stamina, co-ordination, health and happiness. Josephine encourages correct alignment and a slower pace in her flow to focus on strength and the breath. Then after heating the body through an uplifting flow, let the body unfold into Yin postures: to un-do any tension, aches and pains, and reduce anxiety. In this class you'll get an all over, balanced yoga practice. 


What is Vinyasa?

Suitable for those who have a basic level of fitness

The wonderful benefit of Hatha Asana but with a flowing movement.

Each Asana or posture is linked carefully with the breath, in a sequence which has been compared to dance.

Why should I do it?

It creates wonderful energy throughout the whole body, this class is great for stamina, co-ordination,

health and happiness. Josephine encourages correct alignment and a slower pace in her Vinyasa classes, you will work up a sweat but with a focus on moving slower to really build strength and to calm the mind.


What is flow and restore?

Suitable for all

 Joining of the mind, breath and body, Flow and restore is a gentle class, which is often a floor based practice. Postures are taken from Hatha yoga, a practice which originates from Northern India and has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Why should I do it?

This class moves at a calm steady pace, finding time to work on the breath, the alignment of the body and finding your place in each posture. To cultivate a healthy, flexible mind and body on and off the yoga mat.

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