There are many yoga studios and teachers in the UK now, but I offer a more bespoke and personal approach to each class. 

I come from a dance background so knowledge of the human body comes naturally to me. Each class is build to use the body and breath to calm and still the mind.

I turned to yoga myself for many reasons, but mainly because of constantly feeling down, frustrated with not being able to focus fully in the present moment, stiffness causing me back pain & tension and anxiety(which resulted in many a sleepless night).

My classes aim to be nurturing, compassionate, encouraging, supportive and challenging.

Each class is designed to be an experience, incorporating aromatherapy, Himalayan salt lamps, warm blankets and well thought out playlists. 

I decided to completed my first training in India three years ago, training in Rishikesh, the birth place of yoga. I continued my studies in the UK at ‘Yoga Mama’ UK and and ‘Whitespace studios’ UK. 

I continue to further my training and education at various workshops and seminars around the UK, living in Brighton I have access to some wonderful teachers and places of practice.

I really look forward to seeing you in class, namaste. 

Finding a Good Yoga Instructor in Lancing, East Sussex United Kingdom

For those who love the practice of yoga, finding a good yoga instructor in a place like Lancing, East Sussex United Kingdom can be the difference between happiness and tediousness in their everyday lives. There are a number of good ways to do this.


First, using the internet is always a good option thanks to the numerous review sites available. Check various star ratings and number of reviews for each yoga instructor—the more of each the better—and be sure to read the reviews to ensure they are not just being written by their friends and family members.


Second, gauge the distance to the new yoga instructor’s studio—a particularly long commute can almost ruin the whole yoga experience you set out to obtain.


Third, ask for personal recommendations from friends who also do yoga. While the reviews online can provide a lot of insight, personal reviews from those you know and trust can be much more telling.


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