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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

It's tricky to write an original article in this day and age of yoga-ing! But I like to just bring my own experience to those whole follow me and my teaching. After all, I teach yoga because I do yoga(and I would lose my marbles if I didn't!).

I was gently reminded by an old yoga book that a short regular practice, is much better for you than a huge long practice once a week... sometimes we need a little push or a light nudge to be reminded of what we already know.

So it's helped me approach my own daily practice with less pressure and expectation, I just think "15-30 minutes a day is ok", and I'm far more likely to do it.

I've also been trying to 'play' more, trying new postures, or come back to basics with a traditional hath practice and fine tune it, really let myself be and take a few long breaths in each pose.

Rather than the 'idea' of my practice getting in the way, I give myself permission to check in. First I breathe, have a little think about some of the postures I want to work on, but mainly I observe myself, and ask questions: How am I? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

Chin Mudra, an energy lock you can use during meditation or your asana practice.

Take a moment right now, notice your breathe, find a sense of stillness and check in with yourself, try not to judge the answer that comes back to you.

Plus the answer doesn't always come reply in words, if we try to tune into the body, rather than the words of the mind, it can be truly wonderful(not necessarily the easiest thing, as I personally know, the mind likes to think it always knows best!).

Below is a gentle morning flow, that can actually be done at any time, but some of the postures can lend themselves to helping ease into the body ready for the day.

Please join me for this flowing practice, and feel free to let me know how you got on!(

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