Yin Yoga: Manipura chakra

Another weekly update following on from our nourishing Thursday evening practice.

I guess it's only natural that as teachers we carry our own experiences into class with us, something that has sparked a moment of passion or inspiration for us is bound to come from a personal place.

This August has been a funny old month, lots of people away, smaller classes... it has been a month of self discovery for myself... and intertwined in this has been delving into my own form of Anxiety and once again, so much is revealed through practicing with the chakras.

Our class this week was based on theManipura Chakra. The Third chakra, known as the lustrous Gem. It is located in the space between the belly button and ribs, the solar plexus, adrenal glands and digestive organs. This Chakra develops between the ages of 8-12, so it can be closely tied to the child in you turning into an adult(or more specifically a hormonally charged, 'vibrant' teenager).

IN this class I wanted to create a sense of warmth and this can be challenging in Yin as the postures are still and held. But occasionally I add in a Hatha warm up, keeping in gentle so we are being kind to our spines and bodies.

I have been doing a few new programmes that encourage you to feel what's going on, rather than thinking about what's happening to you. I often can get caugh in the echo chamber of my mind, and allowing yourself to fall into your body again can be the key to so much. If I am not feeling great, I try to actually locate where this is happening in my body. Often, I have come to realise, there is a tightness, a buzzing and restriction in my solar plexus. Buzz work for this, Anxiety. Words can be wonderful, magical and expressive, but sometimes they can catch us in a bind, coming back to the feeling and the location in your body makes it manageable, not a bit looming thing we must over come.

Allow yourself to place two(warm) hands: (give them a vigorous rub together) on the space just above the belly button, and breathe. Don't force the breath... allow it to grow and elongate over a number of breaths. Feel the ribs move away from each other, expanding into this space, breathe away the tightness, the knot or buzzing that can trigger so much stress.

"Learn to be pro-active, instead of re-active... it can be one of the key ways to truly start discovering your own sense of self"

I wanted to share with you some of the readings and insights I come across that help me form my classes.

Learn to be genuine in every moment of your life. Not that easy in this world, filled with demands... buy this thing, wear this hat, eat that cake, drink that coffee(I usually give in to that last demand!)... But taking the time to read books that ask questions, or listen to a talk that challenges traditional views will help get your brain moving! Also ask yourself questions... give yourself time and patience. We often end up just rolling along in life, it's ok to stop and ask: "Am I feeling fulfilled?" "How is my health, am I feeling as good as I would like?", "How are my relationships?" "Why can't I get a cat?"(Ok, that last question was mainly a personal one, I ask it on a daily basis).

Also noticing when you feel authentic, 'at home' and truly yourself. Comfortable and secure.

Find more room in your inner temple. A friend of mine recently told me about the 'fertile space', this can be the space within you or the space that you can sometimes create around you, not pushing people away but, giving yourself space to come to your own conclusions, allowing yourself space to form ideas and passions, because you want to, not because someone has told you to. It is challenging meditating everyday, sometimes its super hard to do, but the more we turn inward, the more we find this temple, this place where we can go, a place where we truly are at our most authentic.

Balance(My favourite word!): Resistance and Freedom. Holding on and Letting go. I don't need to say much about this... I'm sure we have all felt this, exoperienced it and have things we could let go of and things we should fight to keep hold of too.

I hope you've been able to pull something out from my writings, something you could work on, or might help you combat the pressures of life.

Have a wonderful day!


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