New Classes, New you(well, I bet you've read that before....)

So, here we are. You're reading a blog from a yoga teacher, persuading you to come and start a new hobby this year. I know I have written this title a few times over the past few weeks, so hey, we are in it together.

But, I am starting new classes in Lancing this coming March, I want to reach out to more people, helping you stretch, breath, get stronger and sleep better.

Sound like this might help you?

Well, The studio and unit is currently under construction, it's going to be shiny, new and lovely. A warm, bright, airy studio, filled with calming aromatherapy, soft blankets, and new mats.

At the start of this new venture, I'll be offering three classes a week based in lancing, Yin Yang Yoga, Mindful Vinyasa, and Restorative Flow. All of these classes are built to cater for all, but even if you're an advanced yogi, you will be able to find new levels of strength, stamina and flexibility.

Not only do I hope your body will benefit from the classes, but the mind will too. Exploring our thought patterns, paying attention to the breath and how we talk to ourselves on and off the mat(in our own heads, that is) will become a helpful tool for you. Many have said it has helped to reduced stress, anxiety and encourage a better nights sleep.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, drop me an email:

I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Josephine x

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