This One's For The Ladies Out There.

After waking in the same amount of pain I went to sleep in last night, I thought I'd share the gentle Yoga practice I did today.

A sometimes controversial subject, as many people have a different view of practicing yoga during the menstruation period. In Yogic Texts it suggests to abstain from your Asana Practice and some Pranayama, but this video invites you to have a gentle stretch and release, to help your body shift some of the tension and pain we experience during this time.

I am always amazed by what my body can do, we often just get up, carry on, do what we can to manage the pain and keep tackling our to-do list. Take a moment to stop, breathe, notice what your body is dealing with; how you're feeling, where the pain is(if you have any) and what sensations you're experiencing. See yourself at this time, fully present, resist the urge to ignoring it. For example, I try to acknowledge how tired I am and that I feel a little weaker. Having a gentle stretch and a chance to stop and rest can give us a little boost to help us through the rest fo the day and to deal with any emotions that might float up too(like crying at any given moment, especially when watching anything on TV that's slightly emotional!).

If you have any specific questions, worries, concerns, I am always an email away! Feel Free to subscribe/email and connect today.

PS: I'm joined by Boris, my feline friend, and I hope you'll join us too.

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