What is Vinyasa?

The wonderful benefit of Hatha Asana but with a flowing movement.

Each Asana or posture is linked carefully with the breath, in a sequence which has been compared to dance.

Why should I do it?

It creates wonderful energy throughout the whole body, this class is great for stamina, co-ordination,

health and happiness. Josephine encourages correct alignment and a slower pace in her Vinyasa classes, you will work up a sweat but with a focus on moving slower to really build strength and to calm the mind.

OK, so, anything else?

Josephine's dance background helps give an extra depth of understanding when it comes to creating a flow sequence. 

Opening all areas of the body, physical and astral, with an added playful element.

It can be suitable for anyone, although a basic knowledge of some yoga Asana is always helpful, but Josephine will adapt any sequence or Asana to suit your needs. Everyone is welcome.


Yoga is not a race, it's a calm journey, of self discovery and acceptance

To practice Vinyasa with Josephine, please come along to @Yogainthelanes, in Brighton, Every Tuesday evening 7.45pm-9.15pm.


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