What is Yin Yang Yoga?

There are many types of yoga out there and one that has become practiced more widely in recent years is known as Yin Yang Yoga. The Yin and the Yang are concepts that come from Taoism, where internal and external aspects are focused upon. The Yin is more internal, psychological and passive while the Yang is more external, physical and dynamic.


When applied to yoga, two extremes of movement are combined into one practice. The yin aspect holds poses for longer, working on the joints and connective tissue in the body, building a true inner strength. The yang aspect is much more active, working on muscle strength and blood flow and increasing stamina and flexibility.


One yoga class may combine these two extremes. However, it is also recommended that those doing yoga take classes that concentrate on one or the other and do so in balance throughout a week—a yang yoga class followed by a yin yoga class next. This will create the ideal, balanced yoga practice.


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