Is Yoga Fitness Enough to Keep You In Shape?

Many people who start doing yoga might be surprised by the experience, as it may be relatively easy and relaxed. This may cause them to ask if yoga fitness is enough to keep them in shape.


The short answer is: it depends. There are a number of factors regarding how much strength you will build or calories you will burn doing only yoga.


The first factor is what type of yoga are you doing? Yin Yoga alone probably won’t do enough to keep you in tip-top shape; whereas vinyasa or bikram yoga will build strength, burn calories and give you a great figure as long as you keep up with it. Second, how often are you doing yoga? Once a week is not enough. Three times or more will really yield results. Lastly, you should switch up what type of yoga you do, to protect your body from injury and to make you stronger all over your body.


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