Using Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga has been found to be helpful with a number of physical and mental ailments. One of those is yoga for anxiety, helping people who are overly anxious to slow down, relax and put those nervous tendencies aside.


Numerous yoga poses can help with anxiety, as they involve stretching, relaxing and slowing down your mind and body at the same time. Child’s Pose is probably the easiest and best one, which entails laying over your knees on the floor. Other poses known to help with anxiety are the seated forward bend, the cat/cow pose and the corpse pose. Of course, the more yoga you do, the more poses you may find helps with your anxiety.


Breathing while doing yoga is also important, helping you to meditate and settle down any anxious thoughts and feelings. Practicing inhaling and exhaling for the same amount of time is a great way to help with anxiety whether you are doing yoga or not, using something learned in yoga to help you in your every day life.


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