Doing Yoga for Health: How Does it Benefit your Body?

When running on a treadmill or moving on an elliptical at a gym, one can see the number of calories they are theoretically burning based on how far or long they have been on the machine. But what type of benefits is your body receiving from doing yoga?


Much of this answer depends on what type of yoga you are doing on a regular basis, but the short answer is: plenty. Every type of yoga is yoga for health in some way, whether it strengthens joints and inner muscles from holding poses; builds muscles around your body from vinyasa yoga that flows from one pose into the next; or trims your body of fat through hot yoga, where sweat and toxins are released in torrents.


Of course, the other factor is how often you do yoga, on the same level as how often you go to the gym. The answer to this is obvious: the more often, the better.


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