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Yoga For The Performing.


Workshop Classes and Courses. 




Why train with Josephine?


I trained at Arts Educational school in London, graduating in 2009.

Since then I have flown around the world performing, attended over a hundred dance calls and auditions, and I've gained a wealth of knowledge.

In 2014 a friend introduced me to yoga, I had attended classes before, but I had not fallen in love with a practice like this. I believe yoga gave me the opportunity to have a fresh start, it gave me huge strength and emotional stability in such trying times. 

Having completed my Yoga training in India and since then developing my training in London, I just keep on hear a small voice repeating 'I just wish I had known all this sooner'.

I wish I had the strength and power I now have in my body and mind. I wish I had the flexibility I've now gained through Yin yoga. I wish I had the depth of breathe and strength in my core that I've now developed through my breathing practice. But mainly, I wish I had been given the help and guidance to have a healthier mind set and more mindful outlook on daily situations. The industry put me 'through my paces' both mentally and emotionally. Finding Yoga freed me from unhealthy thinking patterns. My performance and audition technique literally changed over night. 


I am writing this in a personal way, because these workshops are linked closely to why I am now a yoga teacher and why I want to help others on their path.

There is a growing awareness of mental health, and slowly the industry is starting to pay attention to this too.


I would love the opportunity to work with you, and to help bring your students exceptional training and the skills to not only help them with their studies, but with their future careers.


I would also like to add, that I am starting my training as a yoga therapist over the next two years. Training with some of the top Therapists, Anatomy experts and Yoga teachers in the UK. 





Breathing techniques (pranayama) and Traditional Hatha Yoga.


Will help support the voice, cardiovascular system, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Hatha Yoga is the joining of the mind, breath and body.

Josephine will guide you through the eight breathing techniques associated with traditional yoga, but most of the focus will be on:

Ujjayi: One of the more common pranayama practices, ujjayi,means victorious, or “to conquer.” Ujjayi pranayama encourages a deep opening into the lungs. Ujjayiis often referred to as ocean breath because of the sound we make as we exhale. In ujjayibreath, we learn to gently constrict the throat, creating resistance, which in turn creates a sound similar to waves crashing on a beach.

Kapalabhatiis a passive inhale followed by a forceful exhale. This is a great practice to try first thing in the morning to shake off the past night’s sleep and give you energy to take on your day. This form of pranayama increases circulation, reawakens our abdominal organs and releases toxins. It can also give us that extra kick we need to let go of negative emotions or any feelings of stress and anxiety.

Naditranslates to ‘a channel for the breath to flow’, and Shodhana means ‘cleansing/purifying.’ This pranayama is practiced by breathing through one nostril at a time. It’s perfect for those who find themselves in a lot of stressful situations like commuting to work or managing a busy schedule. Nadi Shodhana is a good way to settle your mind, not only does this pranayama calm the nerves, it supports our lungs and respiratory system and brings our right- and left-brains into balance. If you’re particularly restless during meditation, this breathing exercise is perfect for you.


Hatha originates from Northern India and has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

It is traditionally practiced for the joining of the mind and body.

In each class Josephine will lead you through a set of traditional Hatha Asanas', often linked with a theme. This might be spiritual or linked to a season or a physical, anatomical aspect. 

Her Hatha class moves at a calm steady pace, finding time to work on the breath, the alignment of the body and finding your place in each posture. To cultivate a healthy, strong mind and body on and off the yoga mat.


Gain incredible strength - through a vinyasa practice

(series of postures linked together with the breath).


The wonderful benefit of Hatha Asana but with a flowing movement. 

Each Asana or posture is linked carefully with the breath, in a sequence which has been compared to dance.

It creates wonderful energy throughout the whole body, this class is great for stamina, co-ordination, health and happiness. Josephine encourages correct alignment and a slower pace in her Vinyasa classes, you will work up a sweat but with a focus on moving slower to really build strength and to calm the mind.

Josephine's dance background helps give an extra depth of understanding when it comes to creating a flow sequence.

Opening all areas of the body, physical and astral, with an added playful element.

Yoga is not a race, it's a calm journey, of self discovery and acceptance.



Stretch - in a deep and mindful way(inspired by Yin Yoga).


Yin is a wonderful way to calm the mind. Postures are held for longer than in other forms of yoga, using the aid of blankets, blocks, bolster and straps.

Yin helps to un-do the aches and pains of everyday life, sitting for long periods of time, driving etc.

It is a wonderful way to access a more forging and mindful state of awareness. 

As the awareness of mental health, stress and depression grows, more people are seeking out ways to combat these debilitating illnesses.

Yin Yoga has an incredible uplifting yet grounding effect on the human spirit, holding the postures for longer creates a deep meditative state, each active stretch unwinds the stress and tension in the body, leaving you loose, relaxed and calm.

Each class is planned so the whole body is stretched and postures are well thought out to create a balance across the whole being. 

Lights are dimmed, aromatherapy oils can be used, blankets, bolsters and props helps students of all levels in this special class and calming music helps you ease into each Asana.


Meditation and deep relaxation will help you build a solid foundation as you work towards your dream career. 


Josephine has taught Yoga Nidra classes for the past year, especially helpful in times of stress, anxiety and worry.


Nidra is a lead meditation, also know as a Yogic sleep. It is active relaxation, where you can be safely lead to a place of deep rest, helping nourish the body and reduce anxiety. 


This is such a valuable tool, as it can be use to aid sleep, or help cultivate a clear and strong mind when life is especially challenging. 




I hope this information has been help, if you would like to book Josephine please contact her directly for prices and information.


A course of workshops would allow you to gain the full benefits, but she is happy to do one off bookings as well. 


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