How long does Yoga Training take?

Those who truly love yoga will often ascend from being an enthusiast to a teacher themselves, allowing them to continue their own personal journey in the practice of yoga, while also sharing their knowledge and passion for it with others. Being a yoga teacher can also be a fine career for those who stick with it, creating a lifelong source of income.


However, one must first be certified as a yoga instructor before they can be hired by a yoga studio and begin teaching others. This certification requires a mastery of a number of poses and various other studies, like a basic understanding of anatomy and a focus on alignment. It usually takes three to five months of yoga training study, or 200 hours, before certification is granted. For those who want to open their own studio or have a full career in the practice of yoga, a 500 hour course may be the way to go, which can take up to a year of study.


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